Summer Bucket List: Social Distance Style

To say I’ve felt “uninspired” to write these past few months would be an understatement.

Working in news during a pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride- from the adrenaline highs of constantly breaking news to the lows of working from home while trying to home school the kids.

It actually led us to break our apartment lease early and buy a house! [That’s for a different blog post!] Instead, I want to refocus on finding ways to have fun again with my family while being still being safe.

Have a Theme Day/Weekend

We celebrated Christmas in July and it was a big hit! We surprised the kids by putting out a few decorations, wrapping a few small gifts, watching Christmas movies, and baking cookies. It was a wonderful weekend! I’m thinking of doing a Halloween day soon!

Outdoor Backyard Movie

I bought a projector off Amazon for about $100 and a FireStick. Boom! Instant “Drive In Theater” will an unlimited selection. You can be as fancy or as budget-friendly as you want, and the kids are bound to find it magical! You can use a white sheet, the side of your house, or invest in a projector screen.

Stroll a Lavender Farm

Okay, maybe you don’t have a lavender farm near you, but I found out we do, and I have every intention of visiting it this summer. Lavender is not only beautiful, it’s proven to have calming effects when breathed in, consumed, or absorbed through the skin. How perfect is that for all the stress and anxiety you’ve likely experienced during quarantine?! If you aren’t near a farm, get some lavender tea or diffuse some lavender essential oil! Or find a coffee shop that serves up lavender lattes- like Dripped + Draped in Omaha’s Benson neighborhood!

The fields at Loess Hills Lavender Farm in Iowa!

Family Pool Day

Thanks to a generous and anonymous donor, Omaha will open multiple pools this summer. And when it comes to COVID, visiting a pool is actually one of the safer public events to partake in because there’s a low risk of spread. If you’re still concerned, a kiddie pool or a sprinkler will still do the trick.

The kids had a blast (and felt a bit of normalcy) when we visited Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska.

Find Your Beach

Maybe it’s the ocean, a lake, or maybe you need to fake it with some sand, an umbrella, and a kiddie pool.

Have Fun with Food

With all the meals you’re likely having at home, consider creating a taco bar or a sundae bar. Do a “baking show” with the kids. Try a fancy Pinterest recipe and see if you nail it or fail it!

Hibachi night on our Blackstone grill we bought this summer. (That’s not my husband… even though he looks an awful lot like him. That’s Cinders Travels’ husband!

Visit the Farmers Market

Fresh air, fresh fruits and veggies, what more could you ask for? Visiting a Farmers Market is a great way to support local, avoid the busy grocery store, and shop outdoors while maintaining social distancing.

My boo carrying my flowers out for me!

Explore a New Park or Trail

Most of us have made it a point to get outdoors during the pandemic. (What else is there to do?) Now that the weather is nice, why not try a new park or trail in your state.

Go Tanking or Tubing

If you’re in Nebraska- try Tanking! Four of us adults went and had fun. We played a game and drank along the Elkhorn River for about a 4-hour ride. Would be great with kids because there’s not much effort. I think next time, I’d want to go tubing so I can be in the water more often, but this was a very easy way to enjoy the river and fun to try something different!

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