A splash of pink in a pandemic

In a world where our kids have been cooped up for months, remote learning, and hearing phrases like “quarantine” and “death toll”, a splash of color can go a long way.


Out school supply shopping at our favorite store!

Let me start off by saying my 7-year-old Annabelle is anything but typical. She hates princesses. Unicorns don’t do much for her. She’s all about Pokémon, Minecraft, and learning about animals. For the most part, she has done well handling the pandemic. She is an introvert, despite the fact that she is very social at school and karate. (She’s just like me- I’m fun and I love my friends, but I also love staying home and away from crowds- so there are a lot of aspects of quarantine life that work well for us.)

This school year, however, would prove to be an even bigger change. Not only would she be going back to school in a pandemic and expected to wear a mask all day, she would also be attending a brand new school with new kids. That’s why I wanted to do something special to make this year exciting!

The Process of going Pink!

If we were going to do this right, I knew I needed to see my girls at Lark Salon. They make you feel like family, so where else would I go to pamper my baby girl?

Meagan at Lark (Instagram: @MeaganatLark) is the color queen! So I tossed the idea out to her and the salon owner, Sara. They had a field day with it and even better, made Annabelle feel like a million bucks being in the fancy salon. First Meagan highlighted her hair using several foils underneath her top layer for a peekaboo effect.

Her color lifted to blonde so well! She looked like an adult almost immediately! I nearly stopped at the blonde because I thought it was so beautiful! That’s when it really set in for Annabelle. We had tried doing streaks at home when she was younger and it never took. So to see such a big difference was thrilling!

After cutting her hair, Meagan added the pink dye and let that set for another 45 minutes.


Look at those smiling eyes underneath that mask! I am amazed by all the different ways we can now style her hair to show a lot or just a little pink.

It took somewhere between 2.5 to 3 hours, but it was worth it. We were all obsessed with how it turned out. It was way better than anything I had seen or even asked for! As we left, Annabelle told me she was “going to rule Instagram with this hair!”

Same day, different child 😝

It definitely gave her the confidence and excitement like I had hoped. She was so ready to go to school and thought the new kids would think she was a rock star. In my mind, she is!

First day outfit!

She got home from school that day and had already made a few friends (mostly boys). “The boys just surround me.” 😂 They had already created a Minecraft club at recess. I think she’s gonna fit in just fine at this new school!

I hope your kids have a good school year, no matter if they’re in class, learning remotely, or home schooled. Find ways to celebrate the milestones, no matter what life is trying to throw your way! Let me know what you’re doing to make this year special for your kids. Drop a comment below or follow me on Instagram: @the.unapologetic.working.mom

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