Dining Room Revamp

From carpet, green trim, and brass fixtures to a farmhouse, cottage feel.

Hot Trend: Buffalo Check

First off, you may be asking, “What is buffalo check?” To be honest, I didn’t know for years that’s what it was called despite being a huge fan of plaid. [Put a guy in a plaid flannel shirt, have him roll up his sleeves and put on a pair of aviators and I’m a goner…

5 Ways I Control the Chaos (Tips from a very imperfect working mom)

So I just went back to work after three months on maternity leave. Prior to having Hayden, I have to admit, life was just absolutely chaotic. My husband was a full-time student finishing up his engineering degree- aka- he went to school all day and studied all night while watching our rambunctious 4-year-old as I…

5 Things Coffee Shop Owners and Baristas Wish You Knew

I owned a 24-hour coffee shop when I was 23. It was a wild adventure to say the least. Not only does owning a business teach you a lot about yourself, owning a coffee shop in particular teaches you a lot about your customers. While we do end up feeling a connection with so many…

Woodland Nursery

Deer, birch trees, a bold accent wall featuring the outline of a mountain and night sky… all for a special baby boy.

$50 Fireplace Facelift

Change the look of a room with just
$50 bucks and some muscle with this Fireplace Facelift!