Discovering my heritage

On Black Friday, I ordered one of those Ancestry DNA kits for $50. Despite the worries that big brother may steal my identity, I’m too narcissistic not to go through with it.

How it works:

I decided to share the step by step process on my Instagram stories

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There’s everything you need right in the kit and the best part, it’s pretty fool proof. There are two important things to know right away though.

It’s taken me three months to do this, mostly because I kept forgetting that you can’t eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes before. I figured first thing in the morning would probably net the best results.

Make sure you also download the app and connect it to your special barcode on your specimen sample tube.

It actually took me like 4x to spit enough into it. Mine was too bubbly 😂
This video got cut off, but basically you tighten that cap until the blue solution mixes with the saliva.

That’s it! From there you put your specimen into the collection bag, seal the bag, and put it into the self-addressed box, no postage necessary!

So what do I think my results will be?

I’ve always been told my dad’s side is French Canadian through my grandpa, as well as some Irish, then Hungarian and German through my grandma. On my mom’s side I think we’re Irish (my grandma’s last name was Kennedy) and then Scottish through my grandpa, and maybe some German on that side, too. However, just a few years ago an uncle on my mom’s side said he found Native American in our family tree, so we will see!! I know I will be devastated if I find no French blood, but supposedly my maiden name was changed from Oullette so I should be safe there. 😏

Now comes the wait. Once my results come back I will share them on here, so subscribe to my blog to get the alert! If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below or hit me up on Instagram: