A Much-Needed Day on the Farm

It’s been an emotionally draining week. You can read more on why here.

Because work is demanding, I try to make sure that weekends are for relaxing and connecting. And with only having lived in Omaha for a year, we still have lots to explore.

This weekend, we found a new gem! Nelson Produce– a charming family-owned farm in Elk City, Nebraska.

The Sunflower Field 

We started with taking a hayride out to their magical sunflower field; Sunflowers as far as the eye can see. Before we set off, the farm’s owner welcomed us all, and talked about how they used to deal primarily in wholesale–selling to big stores like Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, and Baker’s. But this year, they decided to go in a new direction, focusing on their family, and in turn, the families of Omaha who can now come visit the farm and enjoy this experience.

The Market

Tell me this doesn’t give off a Magnolia Market vibe? For this being year one, I’m incredibly impressed. In the market, you can enjoy a selection of fresh produce, some Nelson Produce merchandise, and some cute extras. I’m betting we’ll see an even bigger selection of items as they grow and expand in the future.

I was also shocked at the food operation! They offer farm fresh meals at an affordable price. We bought the “little farmer meal” for Annabelle: A (very large) hotdog, chips, watermelon slice and Capri Sun for $5. A BLT meal- thick, cut bacon on a croissant, pasta salad, watermelon slice, and can of pop for $9… and a grass-fed cheeseburger meal-same sides, same price. There were lots of other options. Next time, I want to try the Mexican corn dip.

U-Pick Berries & More

Both Josh and Annabelle agreed, their favorite part of our day was picking strawberries. While mine was the sunflower field, hearing that made my heart happy. Something so simple. No bells or whistles. Just good old-fashioned strawberry picking made my 6-year-old happy.

Fun for kids of all ages

From the animal train ride (just $1), to visiting with farm animals, again they’ve thought of it all. What’s not pictured because we were having too much fun, big hay bails to jump and play on, a giant sand hill with toys, water pump duck races, a tricycle track with lots of trikes, and multiple spots to take cute photos!

Support Local

I’ll end this by saying after re-charging with my family, the next best thing about this experience was getting to support a local business. It’s obvious they care about the community around them and I look forward to returning and spending my time and money there! You can support this local gem by visiting NelsonProduce.com

If you have recommendations for must-visit Omaha hot spots, drop me a comment below or visit me on instagram: the.unapologetic.working.mom

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