Is Junkstock worth the Hype? 5 Things to know before you go

I’ll start by saying I’ve been to Junkstock twice now, so I’m basically a pro. (Totally kidding.) But when I first arrived in Omaha, I felt like it had this huge reputation. So I wanted to share my experience with anyone wondering if they should make the trip to the event held at Sycamore Farms in Waterloo, just outside Omaha.

The “Pumpkin House” is new this year at Junkstock Harvest Edition 2019

It’s like a festival on a farm

After two trips, I will say both times felt like a big production. There are more than 150 vendors from not just Nebraska, but across the Midwest, and some from even further! There are also about 20 food trucks.

There’s something fun for everyone

There’s a stage where you’ll find live musical acts all day long. There are craft brews, wine slushees, a coffee house on the grounds, as well as fun for the kids. You’ll find a free bouncy house and face painting for a fee.

It costs to get in, but there are ATMs everywhere

So it’s $10 per adult to get into Junkstock. Parking is free. Kids 12 and under are also free. They take cash only for admission, but there’s an ATM right at the entrance. Most vendors take credit cards, but in case you find one that doesn’t, there are more ATMs on the grounds.

Junkstock is very dog friendly

You’ll find sweet pups all over Sycamore Farms. As long as they’re on a leash and friendly, they’ll fit in! There are also vendors who sell dog and cat products like bows, collars, leashes, and of course treats!

If you are the owner of this sweet Corgi, feel free to let me know! I loved this photo!

Wear Boots

For the love of God, wear boots. Even for summer Junkstock, you should consider boots. And I’m not talking the cute kind, I’m talking about big rubber ones. The parking area has suffered from the floods. But, being #NebraskaStrong, the show must go on! This is probably the number one mistake first-timers will make.

So yes, if you love all things vintage, Fixer Upper, country, farm, or locally-owned, it’s a good time. It’s nice to get outside the city, breathe in the fresh farm air, and get a little muddy!

You can find more on the official page for Junkstock and feel free to drop your review below, or visit me on Instagram: @the.unapologetic.working mom.

Vendors I supported during my visit:

The bees from Fat Head Farms!
A look inside Gracie Pie Apothecary’s cute trailer!

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