My first two weeks on Keto

So I’m exactly two weeks into Keto and the good news is, I haven’t cheated once and I’m making ketones!

Cool, but what does that mean?

According to Medical News Today, Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when the body begins to burn fat for energy because it does not have enough carbohydrates to burn. During this process, the liver produces chemicals called ketones.

I track my ketones daily by using test strips. Right now, I’m see moderate levels of ketones, but within a few days of starting the diet I was already seeing trace amounts.

Enough science, let’s talk food.

So I feel like this diet was made for me. Instead of worrying about what I can’t eat, I’m more focused on all the things I can have.

Bacon? Yes. Cheese? Yes. My daily breve latte!? Yes!

Here’s what you need to stay away from:
Carbs, beans, starchy vegetables, and most fruits… otherwise, have at it. So this means so breads, beans, pastas, corn, carrots, peas, most fruits except for berries, and avoid SUGAR at all costs. Especially hidden sugars like in some fruits and milk. So yes, you will need to read labels unless you know the foods that have hidden sugars.

Here’s a great article on foods to avoid!

But that means I can still have things like steak, burgers, omelettes, copycat zucchini lasagna, bacon and eggs, sausage, cauliflower, broccoli, half and half, butter, cream cheese, pretty much every cheese, nuts, almond milk… and the list goes on and on!

What’s it feel like so far? Side effects?

So two weeks in, I’ve noticed two major things: Around days 7 and 8, I had splitting headaches. This is normal. Some people get ‘keto flu’ where they feel rundown, even nauseated. I didn’t get it that bad. However, this weekend I have a sore throat and ear ache, but I’m pretty sure that’s my sick baby’s fault and not Keto!

The second is the weird taste in my mouth. Some people call it Keto-breath. It can be fruity or metallic. It’s supposed to pass, but is a known side-effect of your body moving into ketosis. I was also very sluggish and tired around days 9-11. Soon, my body should fully shift from carb-fueled to fat-burning mode and I’ll get all my energy back, and hopefully even have more!

Otherwise, I’ve found it oddly easy to stick to Keto and get into ketosis. The hardest times have been when I get home from work and if dinner isn’t done I want to grab for a snack; but unless I want cheese, Keto snacks take a little more work– like having pre-sliced veggies on hand, pre-mixed ‘veggie dip’ (a ranch packet and sour cream), or pre-made snacks like mini quiches.

Need Keto recipe or snack ideas? Follow my Pinterest board!

So how much weight have you lost?

Well, I haven’t even stepped on a scale, so I couldn’t tell you. Instead of getting wrapped up in the emotional roller coaster of weight-loss, I figured I have plenty to lose that I can focus elsewhere for now. Instead, I’m currently wrapped up in tracking my ketone progress. When I was pregnant with Hayden, I had gestational diabetes, and while my glucose levels did return to normal after I gave birth, it’s not something I want to deal with in the future. Keto has been hailed for its glucose-controlling benefits. So, I want to get in the right mindset first, get past the 3-4 weeks it takes to successfully turn a diet into a new life habit, and then I’ll start to check out the scale.

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