A Millennial Mom just trying to have it all…

Mom guilt.

It’s real. It’s something men don’t understand… and it’s something we all try to hide.

If you’re a working mom like me, you know the feeling: it’s 2pm, daycare calls to tell you that your baby has a fever and has to be picked up within an hour.

The sinking feeling hits immediately. You have to tell your boss you need to go. You feel guilty leaving in the middle of work. Then you feel guilty for not thinking 100% of your sick child. And then you’re thinking, “If it’s a fever, that means he can’t return for 24 hours. Now one of us has to stay home tomorrow, too.” That means you’re either letting work down, letting your husband down, or letting your sick baby down.

I’m here to say, it sucks, but stop.

Feeling guilty does no good. It’s not good for your baby, it’s not good for your marriage, and if you’re not focused, you’re probably not being a good employee either.

But it’s not just sick days? I feel guilty leaving them at daycare.

Ahhh… the old daycare vs. staying home battle. Look, you have to do what feels best for you. Bottom line: a happy mom is a good mom. I don’t know where people get off on hating daycare. Do you judge parents who send their kids to kindergarten? Of course not… and quite honestly, that’s no different than daycare. I loved it when my kids were at daycare. They were around new people and socializing with other children. Annabelle thrived in daycare. Her capacity to learn amazed me. She knew all these songs and concepts I never would’ve taught her. Just like any situation, be aware of where you’re sending your child and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Besides, they’d probably rather be around other kids than you all day! 🤣

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