Sunroom Re-Do

When we were looking for a house in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, my hope was for a nice backyard space and a sunroom. This house had both, so of course, the sunroom was the first room I wanted to work on.

Here are a few before shots:

I did an awful job taking before photos… but the room was green (the previous owners LOVED green and purple we started to realize) and had carpet and an outdated light fixture.

See our “before” home photo tour!

I decided to go with a blue that helps the room’s seven windows pop. We replaced the light fixture with something a little more farmhouse chic that uses Edison bulbs (be still my heart 😍).

When we pulled up the carpet, we DID find hardwoods, but I explain in my Pergo Install & Review why we went with the laminate. This is Bainbridge Oak.

Below are a few ways the sunroom has been styled since the makeover:

See more from our Christmas DIY photo shoot!

This Valentine’s decor post actually landed us as a featured photo on Pier 1’s Instagram account!

…and here’s a look at a different angle of the sunroom when I have it set up as a play area for the kids. It’s a great space really for the whole family and a big reason we bought the house.

In the meantime, I still need to figure out what kind of window treatments I want to do! Feel free to leave ideas or links in the comments below, or hit me up on Instagram.

Also: Have you seen the transformation on that dollhouse?


Light fixture: Portfolio Valdara from Lowe’s

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