Top 10 “Mom Shows” to Binge Watch

1.) Big Little Lies

First off, it’s a cast full of powerful, strong women– so you know it’s going to be good right off the bat. But what’s more is the hauntingly beautiful way it’s directed, shot, and edited. There’s likely a character for everyone to relate to; for me it’s Laura Dern’s. She’s this strong, career-oriented mom who carries a chip on her shoulder for trying to balance work and home. If you want a powerful drama. This is it.

2.) Good Girls

I always tell people this is like ‘Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Parenthood’. It’s about a group of moms who turn to a life of crime, each for different reasons. One, because she’s a bored, suburban stay-at-home mom whose husband is cheating on her. Another, a strapped-for-cash working mom whose child needs a transplant, and the third, a single mom who is rough around the edges and pretty much follows the crowd. Watch one episode and you’ll be hooked.

3.) Parenthood

This dramedy will make you laugh and cry… Every. Single. Episode. One of the most well-written shows out there; Not only will you find a couple to relate to, it will open your eyes to the struggles other families face. I would also credit this show to bringing autism mainstream. You will feel something every minute of these hour episodes.

4.) Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Warning: This Bravo series is pretty risqué. Feels a little more HBO than regular cable. It feels like “Sex and the City” for divorced 40-somethings. It’s glamorous, hilarious, and you’ll find a time where you love and hate each character.

5.) Dead to Me

This is a dark Netflix dramedy. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini both do an incredible job. It starts out in a grief counseling group for wives who have lost their spouses, but the show quickly takes a series of twists and turns that will have you binging your way through season one in a weekend.

6.) Jane the Virgin

This CW twist on the telenovela will make you laugh, cry, and want to fall in love all over again. However, it may take you a couple episodes to get past the ridiculous storyline– a virgin who goes in for a pelvic exam, ends up getting artificially inseminated. Once you accept the satirical spin on the telenovela genre though, you be hooked! It’s hilarious and Justin Baldoni as Rafael… he’s enough reason to watch 5 seasons 😍

7.) Santa Clarita Diet

What would this list be without a zombie mom? 🧟‍♀️ This Netflix original is hilarious and it’s such an easy watch. My husband particularly loves Timothy Olyphant in this series. His delivery is perfect. And I’m a big Drew Barrymore fan as it is. But if you need something to make you laugh at the end of a busy work day– this is it. I also love the husband-wife dynamic and their badass teenage daughter.

8.) Divorce

I feel like this HBO drama starring Sarah Jessica Parker has kind of went under the radar- but it’s worth a watch. It will either make you happy to have a good marriage or it will make you realize life does go on.

9.) This is Us

How could I not include everyone’s favorite show! From the writers of “Parenthood”, this show has won so many hearts (and awards) for good reason: THEY MAKE US BAWL EVERY EPISODE. Like full on sobbing. Mandy Moore was already one of my favorite sweetheart actresses, but she often irritates me in this show (which means she’s doing a good job at acting!) By the way, I’m team Randall all the way!

10.) Workin’ Moms

This is not my favorite– however, so many of my friends love it, I had to put it on here. My only real issue is that it feels like the writers are trying too hard to be edgy and raunchy. I mean, I make a lot of dirty jokes and talk like a sailor, but even I’m not this over the top. Otherwise, it does address some of the mom guilt that working moms endure with both humor and drama.

Is there a must-watch show I may be missing out on? Please, share in the comments below! I’m always looking for a new binge! Or follow me on Instagram !