Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

We finally filed our taxes and found out we’d be getting back $5,300. $Ca-ching!$ (Thank you, second child!) My point in telling you this? We are going to try to stay under that budget for our kitchen makeover.

Okay, I know that is going to be close to impossible, but we already have all new appliances that we bought in Michigan and haven’t installed here yet. Our kitchen is also not that big, but boy is it ugly.

[These are the pics from before we moved in. See more of our before photos in this gallery.]

Why did they paint the cabinets green?
Time to get rid of the laminate countertops!
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The Master Plan:

This kitchen is pretty much a total gut job. Having a detailed plan will help save money in the long run. Breaking down your project into several phases will prevent you from getting in too deep. The thought here is: What if something unforeseen happens in your lives? If you go out and buy ALL of your materials first, frankly you could lose your asses. Creating a project plan that includes stopping points could help bail you out, while still allowing you to love the progress you’ve made.

Of course every budget and every plan will be different, but here’s our Kitchen Master Plan.

Phase One: Demo

  • Rip out All cabinets & countertops.
  • Leave the gross linoleum for now since we will be making messes along the way.
  • Repair and patch any places where open shelving will be installed.
  • Paint the walls and ceiling
  • Run a gas line for our gas oven (Our home currently has an electric one).
  • Add more electrical outlets
  • Run a water line for a potfiller over the stove
  • Install our appliances that have been sitting in the basement

We’re expecting Phase One to run about $500.

Talk about home inspo! Courtney with @rehbein_design is my new hero after styling her open shelving with all these colorful dishes! What an easy way to change the feel of your white kitchen. totally crushing on this look!

rehbein_design color

Phase Two: Cabinets/Open Shelving/Countertops

  • Planning to buy mostly white stock cabinets
  • Every lower cabinet will be replaced with just another cabinet. Considering getting a lazy susan for the corner near the oven. Need to confirm it’s possible
  • Will replace the four cabinets over the oven with regular cabinets as well
  • The cabinet left of the sink I’m planning to nix and put open shelving and make that space my coffee bar area since our new appliances have an over-the-stove microwave. This will allow me to have my espresso machine & coffee maker near the water, as well
  • The cabinet on the right of the sink…  well i’m still unsure what I want to do. Keep it as a closed cabinet? More open shelving?
  • Definitely getting rid of the double cabinet that’s between the door and window. That will allow more light to get in and make that part of the room look bigger.
  • Countertops- Currently pricing out butcherblock. I think it’s a cost-effective way to get a farmhouse look. I will not (make Josh) do all this work and still have laminate countertops, but I also don’t want to break the bank and install quartz or granite.
  • This will also be the time to install the white farmhouse sink

Surprisingly, I priced out the cabinets, and it looks like those will only run about $1,000. Looks like the countertops will only be around $700.  Finding a good deal on a Farmhouse Sink will be the trick. Budgeting $2500 overall.

This makes for a good stopping point because now our kitchen will already look dramatically different, but also be totally functional.

I love the color and the grain in these countertops from Riley @alittleearthquake


Phase Three: Flooring

Looking at doing a large patterned ceramic tile if I can convince the husband that it won’t be TOO busy. We will need about 130 square feet. Budget: $1,000.

[Check out our DIY Ceramic Tile Tutorial]

Love the vintage farmhouse feel this patterned floor creates in this space by Mary Alex with @mmp_designs

mmp_designs that flooring

She also handcrafts clocks, adorable signs and more, so check out her Etsy shop!

Phase Four: Backsplash & Finishing Touches

At this point we should have $1,000 left in our budget from what we’ve planned for. If not, we can always wait a while on installing the subway tile and hardware.

If you love all things farmhouse, then you must check out sweet Donna, @gramsfarmhouse


Donna knows a thing or two about shiplap and staging!

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