Iceland-Inspired Half-Bath Reveal

Many of you know this is a project that started only after I discovered this tile on Wayfair:

(This is an actual photo of the tile after Josh installed and grouted it. This is NOT a stock photo.)

The moment I saw it, it reminded me of my trip to Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland- the most magnificent sight I had ever laid eyes on. The black sand, the blue skies and water, the white snow on the mountains.

[Go back and see my inspiration board and more pictures from our trip here!]

The photo above was the main print I wanted to display.

As for the rest of the bathroom, let’s get something straight, this “master bath” is a glorified closet!

The ‘master half bath” is basically a converted closet. Nothing fancy, but surely beats having to go downstairs.

I had no intentions of spending much on the space, so I was hoping to get the most glam & bam out of my buck.

Annabelle of course helped with painting. We went with “Ultra Pure White” by Behr.

Josh demo’ed. I took all of the existing hardware– the brass light sconces, the old toilet paper holder, towel rack and the cabinet that was here when we moved in- and I spray painted everything a matte black.

This saved us a good amount of money… $50-$100 I would estimate and I love how all the pieces turned out:

This may sound weird, but the toilet paper roll holder may be my favorite! I love its detail.


Outside of the tile, I did buy a few things for the space.

I loved this silver geometric votive holder from Walmart. (Under $3!)

I also bought all of the icy blue hand towels and wash cloths at Walmart. I may have purchased this 3-set of masks just because they matched the decor 😂

The Reveal:

Don’t forget to check out our Ceramic Tile Tutorial Here!

We replaced that ugly sink with a new vanity from Lowe’s.

The baroque-style mirror I found at Walmart for just $20! I think it gives the illusion of higher ceilings with its shape compared to the square medicine cabinet that was in there before.

REMINDER: Compared to what it looked like before…


I’d say we added storage and some value all for under $250!

That has me happy dancing all over these new floors! 😁

If you have any questions about this reno, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Also, add me on Instagram @birchtreescoffeebeans for more renovation ideas!

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